Texas utilities spend more than $200 million annually on energy efficiency programs. Frontier provides engineering support that enables utilities to maximize savings while meeting regulatory goals. We also support cutting edge utility research and development projects related to smart grid technologies, distributed renewable energy, electric cars and energy storage.

Deemed Savings and Technical Reference Manuals

Our engineering staff leads the authorship of the energy efficiency technical reference manuals (TRMs) used by government agencies and utilities. These annually updated TRMs govern savings calculations for prescriptive measures and are constantly refined to better estimate average energy savings impacts for program participants.

Frontier Associates Spotlight on Success: Frontier’s staff is a key contributor to the statewide energy efficiency standards used by utilities and energy efficiency service providers in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Find out more…

Smart Meter/Smart Grid Analytics

The next generation grid will incorporate distributed generation, electric vehicles, smart meters, smart appliances, smart customers and smart strategies. Frontier helps integrate data, power and people to fully realize the next generation grid’s potential.

Frontier Associates Spotlight on Success: Frontier recently supported a collaboration of utilities, equipment vendors, research institutions and others to gain a better understanding of how residential rooftop solar PV and electric car charging affects the electric distribution system. Find out more…

Experience and Capabilities

  • Texas Professional Engineering Firm, License F-11189
  • Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) on staff
  • Applied research to assess and enhance the effectiveness of water conservation programs
  • Savings calculations, energy simulations, measurement & verification
  • Utility incentive program impact evaluation
  • Project technical review
  • Evaluation and assimilation of new energy/water efficiency technologies
  • In-process engineering support of energy efficiency, load management and renewable energy projects and programs.
  • Energy savings measurement & verification (M&V)
  • Data analysis and evaluation to evaluate the impact of rates and programs.

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